Why Procurement Rocks!

Unfortunately, Procurement gets a bad rap in some organizations. This leads to a vicious cycle that plays out where Procurement is the “roadblock” to all this “great stuff” that’s happening in the company.  As a procurement and project management professional, I’m here to give you these reasons why Procurement rocks:

1) We really do (and can) save you money! Involve us in your projects from the beginning and we CAN save you money! Involve us when the deal needs to be signed tomorrow and there’s no way in hell we can save you any money (and don’t expect us to!).

2) We protect you from yourself! Yes, the dirty truth. We really do protect you from all the bright shiny objects you found at that conference in Las Vegas last month. However, until you see us as a department that can protect you and the company, we’ll only be thought of as a roadblock.

3) We do the dirty work for you (so that you don’t have to!). Contracting ain’t easy. I’ll let you negotiate a 182 page contract in your spare time with an aggressive tier one vendor who ain’t cuttin’ you any slack. Be my guest.

4) We really love what we do and we take pride in our work. Procurement and contracting folks are some of the most passionate that I’ve met about their profession. We love the art of the deal!

5)  We’re your partner. Really. We’re here to work with you and not against you. Give us the details about the deal upfront, engage us in the beginning and…let’s get to work!

The bottom line is that Procurement should have a seat at the leadership table in every company. Procurement shouldn’t be an afterthought that doesn’t understand the “speed of business”.  We’re an extremely valuable part of your organization and we rock!


2 thoughts on “Why Procurement Rocks!

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  2. Great stuff, Darcy! All brilliant reasons but I think where a lot of procurement departments fall down is in not broadcasting successes particularly in areas like category management which often remain a mystery to the uninformed. Any thoughts on how to promote procurement internally?

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