Staying Relevant

trexA friend of mine recently mentioned that he was a “dinosaur” as we were discussing different mobile social media platforms. I started thinking, “How can we, as technology vendor management and procurement professionals, stay relevant in an age of such rapidly changing technology?” For all of you “dinosaurs” out there, here are a few things to assist you in coming out of the Mesozoic Era:

1) Create a Twitter account. Yes, I’m talking to you. Don’t roll your eyes! Twitter is an amazing place where information is spread so quickly that you’ll see it on Twitter before mainstream media picks it up. How does this affect you? Well, if you’re putting together a deal with a certain vendor (think successful start-up) and they’ve been bought out (say by a behemoth T-Rex vendor), you’ll typically find it on Twitter first.

2) Try Blogging. Now you’ve started to panic. “Blog?! I have to Blog?” If you’re just punching in and punching out, waiting for the next boat to Shangri-la, then don’t worry about it. However, if you’re passionate about your field and you have something to say, consider writing your own blog or posting for someone else’s blog. For me, it’s exciting to be able to share my knowledge but also learn from others as I read their blogs.

All in all, staying relevant in the field of technology vendor management and procurement is very important, so give it a try and find me on Twitter, @vendorchronicle!


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