The Price of Innovation?

Image courtesy of Telephonica

Image courtesy of Telephonica

BMC sues ServiceNow. Cisco sues Arista. SAP / Ariba sues Coupa. Is this the ultimate price of innovation?

Start ups are built with hunger, passion and innovation. Oftentimes, they are built with the minds of those that have worked for BMC, Cisco and Ariba. But, is this wrong? In the eyes of the law, it’s wrong when your ideas infringe upon the patented or copyrighted ideas of those that came before you. However, without the experience that those employees gained from being at BMC, Cisco or Ariba, could they have built a better system? Probably not. But, I’m not here to opine on whether BMC or ServiceNow are right. I’m here to open a discussion on today’s price of innovation and the uncanny surge of enterprise companies such as BMC and Cisco suing their nimble and hungry counterparts.

Did these start ups roguely take the ideas of their former employers? Or, are the large, enterprise conglomerates just looking to take down their up and coming competitors? Here’s a great article that’s a few years old, but still relevant entitled “Patent Wars: A New Age of Competition”.